Terms and Condtions

It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that during the hire period all possible steps are taken to avoid injury to users, or damage to the Equipment. Under no circumstances should anyone who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs be allowed to use or supervise the use of the Equipment – Please See Disclaimer Below


1. Ownership: All Inflatables, soft Play and Equipment on hire or loan remains the property of Inflata-Fun Bouncy Castle Hire

2. Suitability of Venue: It is the responsibility of the Hirer to make sure the Venue is suitable for, and can accommodate the Equipment

3. Condition of Equipment: The Equipment should be checked by the customer at the time of delivery, and if any fault, dirtiness or damages are found, need to be reported to the driver/staff member straight away. If not then this can/will make the customer liable for any damage that has not been recorded

4. Damage: Should any damage occur, or any loss of equipment, or should we find any that’s not been reported to us at Little Jumpers Bouncy castles, we reserve the right to claim full monies back from you the customer, We will allow a 14 day payment period, if nothing has been received then we shall pursue the matter further.

5. Cancellation: The Hirer may cancel a booking anytime up to 14 days before the booking date. If a booking fee has been paid then this will be refunded in full. Where less than 14 days notice is given then Inflata-Fun reserves the right to retain the monies paid/booking fee.

6. Cleaning: Inflata-Fun Bouncy Castle Hire reserve the right to charge for any cleaning of the Equipment that we undertake at the rate of £50 per hour where it is found to be excessively dirty, marked with face paint, or filled/covered with rubbish.

7. Adverse Weather: We at Inflata-Fun Bouncy Castles reserve the right to cancel any outdoor hire on the day, if, at the agreed time for delivery, it deems the weather conditions unfit for the safe use of the Equipment. We will always be in constant contact with the customer a few days prior due to changing weather conditions. Should we cancel due to weather, then any monies paid to us will be refunded in full.

8. On the Hire Date, the Hirer must ensure that…

a) Access to the Venue is available at the Delivery and Collection Times, and that the customer or their representative are there to meet the driver/staff unless something has been pre-arranged beforehand with us.

b) A safe electrical supply is located within 25m of the operating location for the Equipment

c) The Hire Fee, or any balance due, is to paid in full at the point of delivery

d) The operating site for the Equipment at the Venue is level, and free from any underground services (gas, electric, water etc), overhead cables and trees.

e) The Hirer, or their representative, has the authority to sign for the Equipment delivered, and receive a safety and operating briefing

9. Waiting times: Should we not be able to gain access at the agreed Delivery point or Collection Times, Inflata-Fun Bouncy Castle Hire reserves the right to charge the customer for waiting time based at the rate of £20 per hour or part time of.

10. Access: If any Equipment needs to be delivered through a building or buildings, it is the Hirers' responsibility to ensure that any surface or valuable fixture/fitting is adequately protected. Inflata-Fun Bouncy Castle Hire cannot and will not be held liable for any damage that may be occur where inadequate protection measures have been taken

11. Tampering With Equipment: please do not move the inflatable once it has been set up and signed for, this could cause an injury to a person, or damage to the inflatable.

12. Subletting: No sub-letting of the Equipment is permitted

13. Adverse Weather: In the case of an outdoor hire, the Hirer is responsible for ensuring that the inflatable Equipment is not used during inclement weather conditions. Where conditions deteriorate to the point where continued use may result in personal injury or damage to property, the inflatable Equipment must be deflated immediately and, in any event, must be deflated where wind speeds exceed 24mph (Force 5). Re-inflation should not take place until weather conditions have improved and it is safe to do so. Upon re-inflation, all anchorage points must be checked and any water removed.



Please note that all persons using Inflata-Fun Bouncy Castles inflatables do so at their own risk. The person/organisations hiring this equipment, will be responsible/liable for any damage or injury occurring from or as a result of the misuse or the reckless neglect of this equipment. These guidelines are for the safety of all people using this equipment, and is the sole responsibility of the hirer to insure they are followed.

Inflata-Fun Bouncy Castles cannot except ant responsibility for any injury caused while using this equipment.




No booking is secured until we have received a non refundable booking fee of £20.00. This is used to confirm your booking. When receiving this you will receive an invoice via email confirming all details of your booking. If for whatever reason you need to cancel your booking you can use your non refundable booking fee for another date. Likewise if we have to cancel your hire due to adverse weather conditions you have the right to change to another date.




When hiring a ball pit, we require a refundable deposit of £20.00. This is returned to you when we come to collect the ball pit as long as all the balls are back in their bag. If balls are not back in their bag when we come to collect you will not receive your £20.00 back.


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