Frequently Asked Questions! 

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes, Inflata-fun Bouncy Castle Hire has £5million public liability insurance. It is however important that you, the hirer, understand what this means. This insurance covers 
US, Inflata-fun Bouncy Castle Hire, against damage or injury caused by unsafe or improper 
set-up, or faulty equipment. It DOES NOT protect against injury, damage or loss caused through either negligent use of the equipment, or altering any aspect of the set-up after delivery, or through normal use where accidents may occur.You, the hirer, are not covered by our insurance, as it is impossible for us to insure you against your liabilities. This is the case with EVERY 
bouncy castle hire company in the country.

Will you deliver, set up and collect the bouncy castle?

Yes, it's all included in the price you where quoted.

What days can I hire a bouncy castle from Inflata-fun Bouncy Castle Hire?

Our bouncy castles are available to hire seven days a week, 365 days a year, including bank holidays and Christmas, provided they are not already booked.

What happens on the day of the hire?
We will ask you to sign that you have read and that you understand our Terms And Conditions Of Hire. Your castle will arrive at the chosen time agreed with us few days prior to delivery. When we deliver your inflatable to a venue (ie. village hall, community centre etc) we will deliver and collect at your chosen times as when we arrive you ( the hirer) or a responsible adult will need to sign our Terms And Conditions Of Hire and also pay for the inflatable. Please ensure the area where the castle is being erected is clear of any debri, dog muck, childrens toys and there are no obstacles in our way.

How much notice do I need to give you to place a booking? 
You can book your bouncy castle at anytime however, we recommend that you book as early as possible to ensure you get the castle you want, on the day you want it. You will also get a faster response if you contact us by telephone. We do take last minute bookings if we have castles available.

Where can you set up a bouncy castle?

If the castle is to be set up outside we can set it up on grass only. We can set up in ALL indoor venues. We can not set up on pebbles, gravel, sand or soil. 
Can you deliver with no side entrance and take castles through a house? 
We can deliver the bouncy castle you hire through a house if it is agreed with the homeowner. We do need a lot of room (A MINIMUM 3ft wide clear access to deliver most small castles). Bouncy castles are often bigger and heavier than most people expect, and so to move them we use sack barrows and we will need to wheel the sack barrow through the house. If it has been raining, there may be a risk of water and dirt being trapped inside the castle, which sometimes has a tendency to leak out onto surfaces. We may refuse to bring a castle through a house if the space required is not available and Inflata-fun Bouncy Castle Hire will not accept responsibility for any damage that may occur if a customer insists we go ahead with set up anyway.

Can your bouncy castles be set up on a slope? 

Yes, it is possible to do so; however this only applies to very slight slopes. We will not set up on very steep slopes.

Is there anything I need to provide when I hire a bouncy castle from Inflata-fun Bouncy Castle Hire?

We will bring all the equipment needed with them. This will include the inflatable that you 
have hired, safety mats (where needed), sand bags and/or pegs to hold the castle 
down, extension leads, and an inflation fan. There must be access to a 240V 
mains power supply (general mains socket is fine) within 25 meters of the bouncy 
castle. Generators are an alternative where no electricity is available and 
are priced from just £5o to hire including Diesel

How does the bouncy castle stay up?

The bouncy castle stays up (inflated) with the aid of electric blowers, which stay 
on all the time the castle is in use.

How long does it take to set up and pack up the bouncy castle?

Set up times vary depending on location and size of castle but we aim for 15mins. Packing up all the equipment usually takes 20 mins but again this can vary.

How much space do I need?

The space you need depends on the type of inflatable that you hire but as a general rule for 
bouncy castles you will need to allow a minimum of 3 feet at the front and rear of the castle and 2 feet either side. This is to allow easy access for the blower at the rear. We need a 3ft wide clear access to deliver most castles. Please make sure the area is clear of sharp objects, animal excrement, garden tools & furniture, rubbish and that the grass has been cut and is not too long. If you intend to have the inflatable set up inside a hall you will need to ensure that the ceiling height is at least 1ft higher than the top of the bouncy castle. Please note because of the size and weight of bouncy castles we cannot cope with a flight of steps, but one or two steps are doable and if someone is available to help it is easier.

How long do I get the castle and its accessories for?

The bouncy castle is yours for a minimum of 7 hours or for only a few hours, your choice, but the price will remain the same. We aim to deliver and collect at a time that suits you. We start delivering from 8am and do collections throughout the afternoon. Later collections can be arranged where possible. Delivery times may vary but we do try our best to deliver and collect at a time that suits you.

Can we keep bouncy castles overnight (after 9pm)?

Yes, although there is an additional £25 cost and we would require the bouncy castle to be available for collection by 7am the following day. We require an early collection as there is a good chance that castle will be on hire again to another event. We kindly ask that you inflate the castle before we arrive and if required, give it a wipe over with a mop using hot water and washing up liquid. Any damage caused to any of our castles and accompanying accessories will be paid for in full by the hirer as well as loss of earnings whilst repair is taking place by a repairer of our choice. We do require that the location be well lit and secure. Little Jumpers Bouncy Castle Hire reserve the right to refuse overnight hire at any time.

How much electricity does a bouncy castle use?

Bouncy castles use approximately 10p (pence) per hour.

What is the age limit for a children's castle?

The upper age limit is 12 (also dependent on size), there is no lower limit. Children above 12 years will need an adult castle.

What happens in poor weather conditions?

Most of our castles come with rain/sun covers and can therefore still be used in light showery conditions. Should there be heavy rain or strong winds the inflatable should not be used. Do however keep the inflatable inflated. This stops water from pooling inside and on the inflatable. It is recommended that the maximum wind speed inflatables can be operated outdoors is 38km/h or Force 5 on the Beaufort Scale. We keep regular checks on current weather conditions and if we feel that there is likely to be heavy rain or extreme wind on the day of your hire, we might contact you before delivery to discuss with you to see if you wish to go ahead with your booking. If we end up setting your bouncy castle up then it'll have to be paid for and we are unable to offer any refunds for bad weather.If the weather is poor on the day of your booking and we cancel the hire for safety and insurance reasons we will try our best to book you the same castle (if available), or another one of the same size, if available, on another day of your choice.

What should we do if it rains heavily after you've left? 
In heavy rain conditions or worse, please ask all children to exit the inflatable, please do not switch it off at the electricity mains, if you leave the castle inflated, it stops water from pooling inside it.We supply electrical extension leads that are splash proof and come fitted with an RCD and our blowers are water protected. Once the rain has stopped wipe the castle with a towel before allowing children on it again to avoid slipping accidents.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver bouncy castles to all areas some areas will have a small delivery charge to cover our extra fuel and extra time, please contact us for details.

Will you send me confirmation?

Yes, all bookings placed, by email or telephone (providing an email address is provided) will receive confirmation that your inflatable has been booked.

How do I pay?

You can pay by cash to the driver on the day of hire before set up.

What if I need to cancel?

You may cancel your booking by 8pm the evening before your hire. If you cancel on the morning 
of your hire or if we turn up at the door, there is a £10 cancellation charge. We sometimes have customers who require castles at short notice who will appreciate a cancellation and so we require as much notice as possible. On occasion, we might deem it necessary to cancel (mostly due to bad weather) and we'll always contact you as soon as possible.

Question isn't listed?

Please contact us with any questions you have.


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